Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have two points to make today:

1) Orwell in 1949 said that totalitarianism if not fought against could triumph any where.
This means in our case in Egypt that NDP would never surrender power by its will. Never without a fight!

2) The form of government we have is just a reflection of how we think. Our Egyptian government is corrupt (today we are officially no 98 in the world with no 1 the least corrupted) because we are corrupted! We do not have democracy in politics because we do not practice democracy in our villages and within our families.

So I wish every Egyptian starts the political reform within his or her family.


Anonymous said...

Hey, just a correction.. its 1984 ;)

Egyptian-in-USA (Egyptian Muslim Human) said...

Thanks Lasto!
but I did not mean his book 1984. He said that in a letter in the year 1949 defending his views.

Anonymous said...

Finally I've found an Egyptian who read 1984, the idea that the government trapped its citizens to control them, and to prevent them from love, and freedom, is horrifying.
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