Monday, July 5, 2010

ابن أحمد نظيف ?????

In Almesryoon today 7/5/2010:

بثه شخص يدعي أنه مقرب من والدتها.. فيديو مجهول يتهم نجل مسئول كبير بالحكومة بالوقوف وراء قتل ابنة ليلى غفران

and on youtube you will see who they are talking about:

القاتل الحقيقي لبنت ليلى غفران هو ابن أحمد نظيف

Finally, if this is true then the Egyptians who let this go without punishment really deserve what is happening and will happen to them.

Personally, I do not want to believe this. It is too much for my brain.

I really wish it is not true.

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