Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem for everyone. Hope this month helps us to be better muslims and humans, more productive, and more kind to others.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Omer Khirat music, Aline, Pascal and Haifa

I have not seen music clips in few months. Yesterday I saw both Aline Khalaf and Pascal Meshalani on ART America channel. To my surprise both of them were wearing very low cut dresses so you can see the majority of their breasts as well as very short so you can see the majority of their legs! Wow! what happened. Both of them are already well establised singers with a base of fans. Why do they need to do that. They also have very nice voices. I like to hear Aline Khalaf voice when I am driving because it cheers me up. Did they have to do that? Is this the Haifa Wahbe's effect?

By the way I saw Haifa Wabhe dancing in the movie Dokan Shehata. To my surprise (or not) she did the same "dancing move" she did on stage? She should work more on her dance moves since we already establised that she has no singing talent so at least she should become professional in her dancing. My advice: more dancing lessons for Haifa! Sorry Haifa I do not mean to be mean with you.

I am listening now to Omer Khirat music and it still inspires me now as it used to when I was school student studying while listening to his music back in Egypt. Every time I hear his music I sense the music telling me: You have to work hard! Life is not easy. It is full with challenges and we have to be patient and patient and patient. I actually feel this is part of the Egyptian culture! Be patient!