Tuesday, June 29, 2010

المهندس حمدي الفخراني

The old Egyptian and the young Egyptian were drinking the tea together and chatting ...

Old E: Did not I tell you that Egypt will get out of all trouble as it always did.

Young E: ????

Old E: Did not you hear about المهندس حمدي الفخراني

Yound E: Yes, this guy managed to get a court Order to show how Talat Mostafa company has took the land from the government almost for free and made the government lose almost 200 Billion EGP (and not Millions).

Old E: As long as there are Egyptians like this guy we are safe. He also announced while he was talking to Mona ElShazaly on Dream that the current minister; Magharabi, has stolen land for his own company as well and that is his next target. The next thing you hear, President Mobarak ask that the land of Magharabi to return back. I am really proud of حمدي الفخراني.

Yound E: I can see what you are saying but: Magharabi is still in power and did you hear that

طعنت شركة طلعت مصطفى أمام المحكمة الإدارية العليا على الحكم الصادر من القضاء الإداري والقاضي ببطلان هذا العقد.

وجاء في الطعن وجوب توافر شرطي الصفة والمصلحة في مقيم الدعوى، إذ تبين من الدعوى أن صاحبها ليس له صفة أو مصلحة في إقامتها.

Old E: This is shamless to say the least. They are saying that an Egyptian can not protect the land of Egypt? Who else should defend it?

Young E: It is really sad ... you feel that there is no way out ...

Old E: No ... do not say that حمدي الفخراني will take care of them.

Young E: It is not enough ... every Egyptian should do his part ... It is too much for one man to protect Egyptian land.

Old E: hmmmmm ....

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