Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Adam who loved nothing more than playing video games. He would spend hours each day lost in virtual worlds, battling monsters and saving princesses. However, his dad was strict about screen time and would only allow Adam a limited amount each day. This made Adam very sad, and he tried many times to convince his dad to give him more time, but it was always in vain. One day, Adam said to his dad "Dad, limiting my screen time is like trying to put out a fire with a glass of water, it just won't work!"

One day, while Adam was playing his favorite game, he had an idea. He knew that his dad was always worried about their finances and often spent hours going over their budget. Adam decided to use his gaming skills to help his dad manage their finances more efficiently. He created a spreadsheet that used the same principles as his game, with points and levels that made budgeting more fun.

Adam showed his dad the spreadsheet, and to his surprise, his dad was impressed. He saw how Adam had taken something that he loved, gaming, and used it to solve a real-world problem. Adam's dad was so impressed, he decided to double Adam's screen time as a reward. From that day on, Adam spent more time playing his games and was able to continue helping his dad manage their finances. It turned out that by using his passion for gaming, Adam had actually saved his family from a big problem and his Dad was more than impressed and allowed him to play more games.

Adam was overjoyed, and he realized that sometimes, it's important to think outside the box and find ways to use the things you love to make a positive impact. Also, it's important to use the right tool for the right job, like using a fire hose to put out a fire, not a glass of water.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

 Once upon a time, there was a kid named Jerry who accidentally traveled back in time and got lost. He wandered around, trying to find a way back to his own time, but to no avail. One day, while he was walking, he came across an old man. The boy asked the man for help, and the man replied, "Boy, what is your name?" The boy replied, "My name is Jerry." The old man told Jerry, "I am you when you get older, and I came here to rescue you." He added that the only way to get out was to go to the government building where there was a time machine, but warned that it would be heavily guarded. With little time to spare, the old man and Jerry set off for the building.

When they arrived at the building, the old man asked Jerry to distract the guards while he looked for a way in. The boy was given a glass cup and told to break it, and when the guards rushed to see the source of the noise, he and the old man were able to sneak through the empty gate. However, their happiness was short-lived as they realized that the walls were covered in security cameras. Just as they were about to give up, a masked figure appeared and took off his mask, revealing that he was another version of Jerry, who had come to help them. He explained that he had a degree in coding and had managed to disconnect the cameras, but they only had a few minutes before the system would be back online.

As they ran through the corridors, trying to reach the time machine, the alarm started squealing throughout the building and guards appeared from everywhere. They were surrounded, and taken to the basement, where they were told they would be executed the next morning. The young Jerry was terrified, but his older selves tried to comfort him.

The next day, they were taken to a room where the execution was supposed to take place, only to discover that it was the same room where the time machine was located. Just as the blade of the guillotine was falling, Jerry pulled his head back and used his handcuffs to free himself, punched the guard and pulled his two companions into the time machine, pushing the button and energyzing the machine and sending them away from the present moment to their own time, escaping execution.

 Once, there was a young boy named Jack who lived in a small village on the edge of a vast wilderness. One day, while out exploring the woods, Jack stumbled upon a hidden kingdom in the middle of nowhere.

The kingdom was surrounded by a high wall, and the gates were guarded by fierce warriors. Despite his fear, Jack was determined to see what lay inside. So, he snuck past the guards and made his way into the palace.

As he walked through the grand halls, Jack couldn't believe his eyes. The palace was filled with glittering jewels and priceless treasures, and the walls were adorned with intricate tapestries and golden statues.

But before Jack could explore further, he was caught by the king's men and brought before the king himself. The king, who was a cruel and selfish man, accused Jack of trespassing and sentenced him to death.

Just as the executioner was about to carry out the sentence, the queen intervened. She was a kind and compassionate woman who saw something special in Jack. She convinced the king to spare his life and offered to take him in as her own son.

Over the years, Jack grew strong and wise under the queen's guidance. He learned how to be kind and fair, and he became a beloved member of the royal family.

On his 21st birthday, Jack was challenged to prove his loyalty to the kingdom. He was given a difficult task, but he rose to the challenge and completed it with bravery and determination.

The king and queen were so proud of Jack, and they declared him the rightful heir to the throne. Jack ruled justly and brought peace and prosperity to the kingdom, and he lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


يعود من عمله متأخرا يوميا!
الجيران ينامون في ثبات عميق
يأخذ طبق الشوربة من الثلاجة ويسخنه في الميكرويف
ثلاثة دقائق
شوربة الفول ساخنة وتطلب الليمون والكمون
ينظر للطبق بسعادة
خمسة عشرة نوع من الفول في هذا الطبق
كل نوع من دولة من دول امريكا الجنوبية
يفتح التليفزيون ويجلس لتناول عشائه الساخن
كان ينتظر هذه اللحظة طوال اليوم الطويل في العمل
تقترب الملعقة من فمه
يستمع برائحة الكمون
ويشكره لسانه علي طعم الليمون
يقول لنفسه "ما أطيب الطعام 

Thursday, September 21, 2017


حلمي كان نجاح
واليوم جه والحلم راح
الهدف كان سراب
ومن اول يوم ماكنش له باب
قضيت عمري بجري ورآه
واتاري الزمن كان بيجري معاه
كتبت بايدي وصفت فشل
ومشيت عليها بحب وامل
وياريت كان حد قالي من الاول
احلم مش لبكرة
احلم للنهاردة