Thursday, April 1, 2010

I signed today in (Yes, we can)

I signed today in after I saw Elbardie video that Zeinobia posted.

It took me one day to decide. Of course I would like to change my country to the best but I was worried that they may annoy me when I go back to Egypt in vacation and more important I was worried that my dad and mom (both old) may get in trouble. I also told myself the Egyptians in Egypt should be the one that should sign not me. I am already in the USA far away and if all the people who sign are from abroad the whole campaign will be labelled as an outside campaign that is not related to the Egyptians in Egypt ....

... then ... One of my relatives back in Egypt sent an email with the address of the site and an invitation to simply have a look at it .... I kept thinking of my dad and mom and said I am not signing. After all I already did my part by blogging. I even have one blog just to support ElBaradie. .....

... then ... one guy replied to my relative's email making fun of the idea of signing and saying how naiive and it will not work!!!

.... that is when I decided: No, it will work. We can change Egypt. .... I am going to sign ..... I have to do my part ... I would like to have early number in the campaign. In the future I would like to tell my family that I was one of the first to sign. .... I checked the campaign and the numbers were approaching 17990 ... I told myself: let us sign before it is too late.

Go Sign! We CAN change Egypt (Yes, we can!!! according to Obama!)

I wish you sign today so that no one get beaten in Egypt like Bahaa was beaten!

I wish you sign today so that no more students are kidnapped from their universities like what happened in Alexandria University:

بيان عاجل بمجلس الشعب المصري
اختطاف طالب جامعي لتأييده البرادعي

تقدم حمدي حسن في البرلمان المصري ببيان عاجل حول اختطاف الطالب طارق محمد خضر من داخل كلية العلوم بجامعة الإسكندرية بواسطة أمن الكلية في 27 مارس، وذلك بعد قيامه بتوزيع بيان يؤيد الدكتور محمد البرادعي المدير العام السابق للوكالة الدولية للطاقة الذرية والمرشح المحتمل لانتخابات الرئاسة المقبلة في مصر.

Go sign so that we can get rid of people like
النائب في البرلمان عن الحزب الوطني الحاكم نشأت القصاص، الذي طلب من الشرطة إطلاق النار على المتظاهرين من حركة شباب6 أبريل المعارضة

Go Sign so we can get rid of this page of our history and become the greatest coutry on earth one more time!