Saturday, May 8, 2010

أبو الليف

Yesterday for the first time I saw and heard abu eleef singing on LBC star academy (Yes, I do not really follow the musical industry in Egypt that close). The song was about the women and how crazy they were. I was originally shocked how insulting the words are regarding women and I was also shocked to see how the audience in the theatre were dancing to his music.

Today I found on the internet that this guy is actually very famous and that there are hundreds of thousands who watched his clips on the youtube. I listened to some of them and it turned out the people is actually commenting very favorably on his songs and he is way better than rico, saad and shaaban ... and how they are fed up with half naked (mainly Lebanese) female singers all over the tv channels.

Well, I actually liked one of his songs saying that we used to be honest people and now we all try to put the "ama" on each other heads. However, it is really alarming that these lyrics (of Ayman Amr) are considered now as a step forward. Actually it is! (compared to what we have).

The conclusion: yes, he is a step forward but Egypt deserve even better. So thanks for making that step, Abu eleef. We are grateful (I guess) for saving us from the partially naked Lebanese female singers but we expect and deserve much better from you in your next CD.