Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The necklace

A little girl called Farrah received a gift from her dad. The gift was a toy; a box filled with beads and instructions how to turn them into a necklace.

Her dad showed her how to follow the instructions and started the necklace for her. He then told her to keep working on it every day and finish the job. He then traveled with his work to a country far far away.

Farrah missed her dad so much but she kept working on her necklace every night. The necklace grew taller and taller and she kept working on it remembering her dad words "Finish the job".

Few weeks later there was bad news. A monster kidnapped her dad and his work friends and took them to his nest. The company said they are working to bring them back but they do not know when this will happen. They hoped it would be soon!

Farrah was worried and sad but she kept working on the necklace every night despite that. The necklace kept growing and the nights brought days and the days brought nights.

Farrah got tired from the work but kept working every night. Farrah was also missing her dad who has been away for a long time now and who knows if the monster ate him or not! There was no news!

Farrah eventually was about to give up on the necklace. She has already put 9,999 beads on that necklace. She decided to put it down until her dad come back but ... she remembered his last words to "Finish the job". So she picked it up again to work on it and put one more bead! She got now 10,000 beads! Something strange happened! The 10,000 beads started to shine brightly! Farrah got scared and threw it away! The beads emitted huge light and a tiny fairy emerged!

The fairy said: "Congratulations Farrah! You finished the job! You get a wish! Any wish you want!"
Farrah was so happy! She can now wish her dad to be back but ... she was worried!
The fairy said: "What is the matter?"
Farrah said: "I want my dad to come back but I am worried his work friends will be left alone in the monster nest!"
The fairy said: "Well ... you can wish for all of them to come back ... This still counts as one wish!"
Farrah said: "Great! Then I wish dady and all his work friends be saved from the monster nest"
The fairy said: "Your wish is my command!" and with a turn of her magic wand she and the necklace disappeared and her dad and his friends were brought in front of Farrah!

Farrah shouted with excitement: "Dady Dady ... you are back!"
 Her dad said: "We were saved because you finished your job and completed the magic necklace!"

Her dad and her friends were so happy they were saved! They decided to give her a gift! They were all engineers and know how to build things! They decided to build Farrah a car as a gift! They built her the best car ever and put on the license plate the statement "Finish your job!"