Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Congratulations to Algeria

I was hoping Egypt would go to the finals. But Algeria is also close to our heart and our blood and as long their people are happy about going to the finals, I am happy too.

Congratulations and please do a good job in the finals and try to win in South Africa as many matches as you can cause you are the only Arab team there!

Congratulations to Algeria!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Egypt and Algeria (Robots only)

Over here in the USA they use this strong emotions associated with sport competition to the better good. When two universities are fighting hard in the football field, they use this to ask the students to fight over who will donate more blood to the hospitals or which univeristy will donate more food for the poor.

So is my Egyptain wish for today:
I wish Ahmed Azz or Nagib will announce that he will donate 3 millions (similar to the prizes to the football team) to the Algerian or the Egyptian university that can make a football team out of robots that can win against the Algerian robotic team.

This way you motivate the universities in the two countries and the whole Egyptian and Algerian people to make hugh progress on science.

If only a rich wise guy in Egypt can read my post. I wish Ya Rab!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

75 million children without primary schools

Today at the NewYork Times:

"There are still 75 million children who are not attending primary school around the world. We could educate them all for far less than the cost of the proposed military “surge” in Afghanistan."


Here is my Egyptian Wish for today: President Obama declares that the budget for the proposed surge in Afghanistan will be devoted to educate 75 million children in the world by American Teachers. This way Obama creats jobs for Americans (with current 10% unemployment) and gives a better future to children allover the world, whiten America image in the world (after all what happened in W's years) and save the world from hate (education = understanding), wars (education = peace), and poverty (education = wealth).

Saturday, November 14, 2009

قادها السيدان علاء مبارك وجمال مبارك ???!!

In Al-Ahram today:

وقد عاشت جماهير مصر الوفية لحظات عصيبة طوال المباراة.......‏ حتي كان المشهد الأخير ....... ....‏ تتويجا لملحمة شعبية وجماهيرية قادها السيدان علاء مبارك وجمال مبارك في المدرجات‏.‏

I think it is over, let us have a royal family in Egypt and get done with this :(

How did Al-Ahram get that low?

Also to refresh my Arabic language, can someone tell me the difference between شعبية وجماهيرية ?

Monday, November 9, 2009

power in restriction and holding back

In the BBC today:
By John Taylor; Duran Duran bassist

"The power of that single television appearance created such pressure, such magnetism, that I got sucked in and I had to respond as I know now previous generations had responded to Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan show, or The Beatles, or Jimi Hendrix. I believe there's immense power in restriction and holding back."

Reading this I wondered is this "immense power in restriction and holding back" the reason why Islam requires women to cover up their bodies?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

مصر والجزائر

In Almasreen today:

إن المتابع لأحوال الشعبين المسلمين فى مصر والجزائر هذه الأيام لا يمكن أن يتصور أن هذه رياضة وأن هذا لعب وأن هذين المنتخبين فقط يتنافسان على مكان فى بطولة كرة بل والأعجب أن غاية ما يمكن أن يحصدوه هو تجاوز الدور الأول فى جنوب أفريقيا ولو حدث هذا فاعلم أن بلد هذا المنتخب لن تنام وأن هناك من سيموت بأزمة قلبية وهناك من سيسمى مولوده باسم صاحب الهدف وهناك ملايين لن يناموا وسيخرجوا إلى الشوارع ويسهرون حتى الصباح ولن يسمعوا أذان الفجر وإن سمعوا فلن يلبوا وإن لبى بعضهم فسيصلى ببدنه وقلبه هناك يدق من الفرحة وعقله يستعيد الأهداف واللقطات المثيرة

ستخرج الجماهير تلوح بعلامات النصر وتطلق أناشيد النصر

أما إن انهزم الفريق فستكون ليلة حزينة وربما مات البعض من الكمد أو طلق البعض زوجاتهم

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Future of Egyptian political system and Heikel's view

I just read what Heikel said about forming a national committee to write a new constitution and have 3 years transition period to have a new election. Meanwhile the country will be run by Mohamoud Rahsid as prime minister and Yousef Ghali as his finance minister.

I respect Heikel's experience very much but I do not like the idea of starting from scratch.
I think we can improve what we have. We have election. It is fake as many reports say but we have the process. The way to go is to fix this. How we can improve the process. Can we ask the army to supervise the election! Heikel keep saying the army is the only force in the country in the absence of any other real force.

Although I respect Amr Mousa, Zoeil, Baradai, ... etc. I do not know why should they write the constitution for me. Why do not I (that is to say thru the guy or the lady whom I voted for to represent me in the parliament) write the constitution myself.

Let us have a fair election that would result in real parliament that can then fix the constituion, remove (and not add) many of the laws we have.

Let us have a parliament that can help us to fix the education, clean the river, move the ministers into to middle of the egyptian deserts. Let us have a parliament that can protect our courts and judges independance.

Heikel said that we do not have politics in the real sense in Egypt. All political parties are useless including MB. This is true but let us have free election. Get people freely electing their representitives into the parliament. Let those members do their best and let the people judge their performance after 4 more years in another free election.

Democratic parliament may not be the ideal system but so far it seems that it is the most practical system to succeed on this planet.