Saturday, February 20, 2010

I wish we have a new president

El-Baradie is back in Cairo as you know. Reports say his goal is to change the political life in Egypt and not to be the president.

I wish he accepts the Wafd Party invitation, that he runs in the next election with the rules that the NDP put together to make it impossible for any one to win, and finally I wish that he wins despite all that.

I wish our life as 3 world country will be over.

I wish the government stops asking egyptian to have only 2 kids. The stupid government of Egypt does know that a Nobel prize in Economy was awarded to the guy of the theory of economy of scales! The stupid government in Egypt does not know that China and India are taking the world by storm because of their manpower and not because of their natural resources.

I wish we put the NDP and Hosni Mubarak in court to defend themselves in a fair trial for what they did to Egypt during the last 30 years they ruled the coutry. I wish the judge find them guilty and jail them for what they did to Egypt.

I wish!!


He and She said...

Don't wish please. El Baradei has no idea about our lives or core problems. He just know the numbers. Don't believe that he left his children and grandchildren and the quality life in Europe and came back to Egypt for the blackness of our eyes. He came because of a personal agenda. He is not the right person to make the change we all want

Egyptian-in-USA (Egyptian Muslim Human) said...

Our core problems are not unique to Egypt. Our core problem is the same in all retarded countries on earth.

Our core problems are: Justice and Freedom.

The solution is one thing: Democracy. It will give you justice and freedom.

Justice and freedom will give you every thing you want. Economical growth, Education, Safety, ... you name it.

Democracy can not be given to us. Have to take it by ourselves.