Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vote NO

If I am in Egypt I would vote no. Simply we have a chance to write a new constitution right now under the protection of our army. This new constitution will change the political playfield in Egypt. It will empower every day Egyptians and would not let the old parties that had failed us over and over in the last 30 years. Yes, Mubarak and the NDP are to blame (and should have their day in court with a lawyer defending them) but most of the political parties in Egypt are not innocent or failed to fulfil its job to say the least. They were part of the problem.

Therefore, we need to turn the page. We need to write a constitution for the 2011 and not to have the same parties that shared (kind of shared) Mubarak his corruption by how week and divissive they were to our society.

I need a new Egypt, a new society and I trust our Egyptian armies to protect us while we are doing this. I do not trust the political parties currently present to do this. ... hence Vote NO so we can draft a completely new constitution.

Long live the Egyptian revolution and Long live the Egyptian armed forces!

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