Sunday, October 31, 2010

Democracy starts at home

In my first year in the USA I was living on campus in a big Coop. The house was run by the students. The officers: president, work manager, social officer (the party person), the treasurer and the kitchen manager were all elected every year to run the house. On top of that there were monthly meetings for all members of the house to discuss and vote any urgent matter. This was quite a joy for me, to discuss and vote!

When I was a student in Egypt I was also lucky that my school used to hold election in every class to select the class president althouh in many classes the teacher made the selection based on grades rather than the "program" also the voting was not secret.

I wish every class in Egypt hold election every month and even practice term limits on the class president. Let the students count the votes themselves and practice that at a very young age (this was inspired by a South Park episode).

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