Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a letter from myself 10 years ahead

I heard about this movement where people say in their 30 write a letter to themselves when they were 20. Only they give it to someone who is actually 20 right now as an advice.

So If I am to receive a letter from myself at 2020 what would it say? Would it thank me for working hard at 2010 to become rich or famous or ... will it blame me for not doing the correct things, wasting time and not saving money to make sure I live comfortably at 2020. Will it thank me for reading a book at 2010 that made me wise at 2020 or will it blame me for not thinking strategically at 2010 to be in the right place in life in 2020 and 2030, ...

Time is flying. One needs to ask what has he/she done today for tomorrow and the next year and the next decade. Are you investing in yourself? Educating yourself? Taking care of yourbody? Or are you so tired you just live a day by day? Is this an execuse? Or we have to continuously thinking about the next 10 years?

I wish every one write a list of the things he wants in 10 years and put a road map to what he is doing today, this week and this month to get these goals achieved in 10 years period.

For myself:

- I think I would like to have nicer car in 10 years (so I have to cut spending and save).

- I want to buy a house in Egypt for my summer vacation (that I mean I really have to save then!)

- I would like to be more successful in my work in 10 years (so I have to invest in teaching myself new skills, be more productive with my time, be more smart where I put my energy, pick the hourse that will win in my field in 10 years and start getting the necessary expertise to be the jockey!

- I want Egypt to be in a better shape. Not necessarily rich but safe, democratic, just society (so I have to keep blogging then ... any thing else I can do? I sent money there!)

- I want USA to be more muslim-friendly (so I have to work harder and show Americans around me how muslims are good people. Yes, unfortuantely, you actually have to prove it here to them).

- I want the world to be a better place for all humans. Less killing, less diseases, less hunger ... (Well for that one I have to a venue to help ... may be act locally within my community?! but I really want to help people all over the world not just those around me ... Should I volunteer for stuff overseas?)

- I want my family to be well (So I have to put time into it or do I have to work to get money or it should be a balance between money and time).

Well ... that is my list for/from 2020.

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