Sunday, November 7, 2010

Naomi Campbell wedding in Karnak Temple

There are two mentalities working here:

1) One that looks to every thing we have as an opportunity to make money and fuel the egyptian economy.

2) The other looks to what is left to us from our grandparents as something to protect and deliver unharmed to our sons. It is not really ours; we are simply keeping it safe for the next generation of egyptians.

In Europe they hardly have this conflict since the Europeans managed to almost completely damage their cities in the two world wide wars they started.

This is also not a conflict in USA and Canada since there nothing "old" there to start with.

So in short this conflict is not really something that most westerners would feel strongly about it. Maybe after 3000 years or so when they will have old stuff of their own they would appreciate the challenge we Egyptians face when a rich person like Ms. Campbell wants to use our oldest temple as a background for her wedding reception.

I finish by saying that being proud and poor could feel better to some Egyptians than being rich and feel abused or humiliated. Money is not always every thing.

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