Sunday, November 7, 2010

Robin Hood and 2500 muslims

Just finished watching the movie robin hood by Russell Crowe. Quite different from the previous version by Kevin Costner. Quite deep and more ideas than sensation.

At one scene very strong words were said when the soldier Robin was being asked by King Richard the lion heart:

-Would god be pleased with my sacrifice (in the crusades).
-No Siar
-why would you say that
-because of the massacre of acre. When you ordered us to herd 2500 Muslim men women and children. The woman tied under my feet was looking to me. It was not a look of fear or anger but that of A pity. She knew that when we would kill them we will all be godless.

Strong words were also said by Robin to king John:
He told him a king cannot demand loyalty without granting justice.
He told him that if he empower all men in england to work and eat from their sweat, he King John, would be stronger. He told him that the people of England is asking for their liberty.

I wish someone in Egypt show that movie to Hosni Mobarak

There was nothing like that of the movie made by Costner. The only reference was showing him in a Turkish prison at the beginning of the movie.

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