Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stoning of Women in Islam??

Just listened to Tarek Ramadan Talking on NPR.

One of the topics was Stonig of Women who committed adultry in Islam!!

First I need to say I am not well educated about Islam (unfortunately). I am just an every day Muslim Egyptian who learned about Islam from Official Media ... so do not trust what I am saying below ... go find an official authentic source about Islam ...

That said ... How about that topic? Is it true Muslim Women are required to be stoned if they committed adultry??

Here is what I know .... Not just the woman but both the man and woman who are married (of course married to someone else) and who got caught by 4 witnesses while having sex (not simply naked in the bedroom but actually having sex).

Now what are the chances of four people catching a man and woman cheeting on their respective spouses (really catching them while in act, not before and not after). Almost zero ...

What if you are not married (i.e. you and your sexual partners are singles) and four people catch you having sex ... You do not get stonned but you get lashed and you are free after that!

So what I am saying is that the punishment is there but the only way you can get it is that you confess ... since it is practically very hard to get caught by 4 people actually doing it.

But the question remains why the *theoretical* punishment is so severe on married people who commit adultry while it is rather easy (only getting lashed, no one will cut any thing from you) if you are single and committ adultry ???

The answer in my mind is that the consequences of married people cheating would result in children being born with false family names ... with the potential for later problems when they try to get married later on themselves. Also there is the fact that as a married person doing adultry you are transaggressing against members of the society (your wife or your husband).

So in conclusion the punishment is hard because the crime is terrible (we did not even talk about the rights of those unborn children that deserve the protection of the society as they can not defend themselves and ask for their rights to have a family caring and raising them).

However, as I said it is a theoretical punishment as it is extremely hard to get you caught ...

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