Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mubarak to speak in few minutes

I have been waiting for him to make the right decision and resign for many days now. Egypt is bigger than any one person. None should put the country at risk just for keeping his job.

Although I have been very sad for the sufferings that the Egyptians have been going thru in the last few days, something tell me that something good has come out of it. We are new Egyptians because of these few days. We are different, better, stronger, and the world will see better safer more democratic and more friendly country because of these days and more important because of the nearly 200 Egyptians killed in the streets by the Egyptian police. What a heavy price to pay but what a deal we are making; Freedom is priceless.

Long live Egypt!

PS Mubarak I am waiting for your resignation. Keep your speech short and to the point.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing is more inspiring, than watching people rising their heads against oppression. I am with you brothers and sisters in Egypt. Your friend in Lithuania.