Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our core problems ??

Our core problems are not unique to Egypt. Our core problem are the same ones in all "retarded" countries on Earth.

Our core problems are: Lack of justice and no freedom.

The solution is one thing: Democracy ... It will give you justice and freedom.

Justice and freedom will give you every thing you want. Economical growth, Education, Safety, ... you name it.

Democracy can not be given to us. Have to take it by ourselves.

Today ElBaradie said:

هذه الديمقراطية -قال البرادعي- يتوق لها بشدة المصريون الذين "رُهِّبوا" حتى لا يعبروا عن أنفسهم لكنهم الآن "يتحدثون عن كل الاحتمالات وقد يشنون عصيانا مدنيا إذا لم يحدث التغيير".

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