Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Creativity requires daily work, there are hardly any light bulb moments but 8 hours per day work instead.

We live an era of exponential growth in technology and not linear as it used to be. More people are connected to the net now. This means more brain power. The devices that our parents used are jokes for us and soon our kids will think that our iPad and smart phones and laptop are jokes as well.

The soil even in the driest places has life in it waiting for the rain (for the right condition) to grow life. Creativity needs the right leader to set the environment for it to grow.

We should encourage trying and tolerate mistakes in our universities. It is in the 99 trial that success will be created.

We should devote the time for creativity. You may need to be alone with music in the back. You may want to get away from the sad news media blasting on your iPhone, car radio, TV, and twitter.

The world toughest problems are the world greatest opportunities : water (we live in a blue planet), education.

You have to surround yourself with idealists creative people because eventually you will approach the average of the people around you.

good work ethics are required: accountability

Integration leads to collaboration leads to creativity.

Spend a week learning something entirely new and get out of your comfort zone and trust your talent.

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