Tuesday, September 11, 2012

waiting and dreaming and hoping ...

Today is the visit of the vice president and his team to his building. They will be looking at the the labs and the posters showing the research going on. He will probably be asked to explain his research! Exciting? He is waiting in his office working on other stuff but he can see the corridor from his half closed door curtain. He does not like to talk about himself or his work that much.

He can hear their voices approaching. His heart is pumping! They went into the lab next door but one of them came out early and he was looking at the research paper outside his office. He can not see the visitor from his office door but he can see his laptop bag hanging from his shoulder. It seems the visitor is reading the paper carefully. This is nice! This is giving him a chance to get ready to meet the visitors. Why is he nervous? May be he should get out of his office and say hi to the visitor? explain his research a little? Who is this visitor? He can only see his laptop bag from the door but not the actual person. May be he is the head of the funding agency that the vice president is bringing with him today? This would be ni$$$e! May be the agen$y will fund him or at least expre$$ intere$t in his re$earch? Man, the visitor is really spending time reading his paper!

The other visitors seem to finish the lab tour and getting out as he can hear their voices now. They apologizing they do not have the time to look at the posters. Lucky he that the mysterious visitor has already been reading his paper for the last five minutes or so. He did not move from the front of the door! They left but that guy is still outside his office! What? Why is he still there? His laptop bag is still showing up in the same spot from the the office half-closed curtain!

Aaaah! it is not a laptop bag! It is the reflection of the chair in his office on the door glass! He has been watching the reflection for the last five minutes!  

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