Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am sorry dad!

لسه مكلم ابويا في مصر و قالي انه نزل للاستفتاء
ديه اول مره يشارك
الثورة نجحت
خفت اسأل اذا كانت أمي
نزلت كمان لاطب ساكت من الفرحة

I have to apologize to the Egyptian people. I have accused you before that you are not willing to contribute to the political life. I was wrong, you were willing but you were smarter than me. You knew your voices would not count in the days of Mubarak and that is why you stayed home but now you know they will be counted and that is why you stood in lines for hours to vote today.

I am sorry Egyptians. I am sorry dad!

Photo from Aljazeera

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