Friday, March 4, 2011

and we the people won our country back

Mubarak's Prime minister was fired or resigned under pressure. We have a new Prime Minister someone who we can trust to build a democracy in Egypt. Not an easy job with all the distruction that were left from Mubarak's regime.

The new Prime minister started his reign with a sincere and a smart move. Going to the rebels in Tahrir Square to get their blessings. The right move to do. We the people need the government to protect the revolution and the government wants to us to stay in power.

I feel very happy to see us finishing this stage of our revolution. I have to say that building a new regime is much harder than destroying an old rotten regime. Building is always more difficult than destroying. It takes time and plans and sincere efforts. Destroying take outrage and can be done quickly.

So people of Egypt, let us build a new country worth of the sacrifice of the 550 Egyptians we were killed in Tahrir square so you and I can enjoy our freedome. Let us cherish this freedome and do not let any one take it from you under any banner, what so ever, now matter what execuses they use (terrorism, religion, national interest, ...etc).

Freedome is the best asset we can have and it is the seceret ingredient to progress and to security.

The freedome of people not to worship god is the only security for the other people to be able to worship god.

The freedome of rich to run their business is the only security for the poor to gain wealth.

Let us build a country that would be an example for other countries in 2011 and beyond by first being free and the rest will follow.

Thanks to Aljazeera for the photo:

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