Monday, June 21, 2010

Old Egyptian and Young Egyptian

The young Egyptian was concerned about what is happening between the lawyers and the judges in Egypt. The old Egyptian was trying to explain what is going on ...

Young E: What is going on? Are the judges to be blamed in this?

Old E: It is complicated .... let me explain to you .... What you see is the result of "Tawreeth" Tawreeth in every thing. Not just Mobarak and gamal but University professors, Doctors, Police Officers and judges ... all of them try to put their kids in their profession.

Young E: So by doing this they make some people thing they are above the law.

Old E: Yes, if you are Police officer and son of a Police officer and grandson of a Police officer ... or if you are a judge and son of a judge and grandson of a judge ... of course you will think that you are above the law.

Young E: But what really started all this friction between the lawyers and the judges?

Old E: Here is the story .... It is what happens to the law students after graduation. Those who graduate with high degree (but not from powerful family) sit without work and call themselves lawyers and those who graduate with very weak grades (but come from powerful families) become "Wakeel Niaba" ... and eventually the two meet ... the "Very Good" lawyer in front of the "Makbol" Wakil Niaba ... of coure the "Wakeel Niaba" will treat the "Very Good" Lawyer is a piece of dirt ... and the "Very Good" Lawyer has a certin threeshold before he/she can explode!

Young E: So what you are saying is that we (Egyptians) are to blame for the corruption and "koasa" that we have been using and not the National Party Government and Mobarak?

Old E: Yes, the people themselves are contribtuing to this atmosphere ... but take it easy on them. This can all be traced to the Economical tough time we have. If you are a judge or a policeman and your kid is going to sit home with no work if you do not pull some strings for him/her, what you are going to do? especially with all your relatives, friends, and almost every one ... are doing the same for their own kids?

Young E: .....

Old E: I see you are sad! Do not!

Young E: ???

Old E: Egypt has been thru very tough times all over the history and somehow it eventually recovers! There are very good Egptians every where and those will save the day.

Young E: Yes, you are right. I used to have a professor in my unviersity that was amazing. He was very knowledgable and very fair. He used to go to his landlord every year and raise the rent on himself just because he wanted to be fair. This professor was taking the microbus every day from the front of the university to go home and we all used to see him whereas many other professors were riding fancy cars. He did not have a car! and he was by far the best professor I had in my university.

Old E: See ... it those Egyptians that will save the day. Do not worry!

Young E: ......

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