Friday, June 11, 2010

Khaled's death in Alexandria

I am very sad to see the face of dead khaled on the news.

Every human (including criminals) has to be treated better than this. I do remember one incident when I was a college kid in Egypt, meeting in the summer in Alexandria with my high school friends and sharing our stories from our first year in college. Some of us went to Engineering and some went to Commerce, and one of us went to Police academy. His name was "Tariq" and he has this story that was amazing. He said he had an accident with his car and the guy he hit wanted to go to the police station. When they went their (according to "Tariq") and the police officer in the station knew that Tariq was a first year student in the Police Academy he told "Tariq" to go with this guy to another room and he handed "Tariq" a whip and told him to get his right from this guy!

That was a story I never forgot. Even if it was not true and "Tariq" was just making it up to tell us how powerful he has became by being a 1st year student in the Police academy. The scary story is that "Tariq" expected us to believe the story. It was the norm! It is OK for police officer to hit people in the Police station without a judge or trial.

NO, it is not OK. No, Egyptians will not be beaten by Police officer any more! Enough is Enough. Let us all wear black to say we refuse to be beaten in Police Stations, no matter what we did, no matter who we are, no more beating!

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