Monday, November 2, 2009

The Future of Egyptian political system and Heikel's view

I just read what Heikel said about forming a national committee to write a new constitution and have 3 years transition period to have a new election. Meanwhile the country will be run by Mohamoud Rahsid as prime minister and Yousef Ghali as his finance minister.

I respect Heikel's experience very much but I do not like the idea of starting from scratch.
I think we can improve what we have. We have election. It is fake as many reports say but we have the process. The way to go is to fix this. How we can improve the process. Can we ask the army to supervise the election! Heikel keep saying the army is the only force in the country in the absence of any other real force.

Although I respect Amr Mousa, Zoeil, Baradai, ... etc. I do not know why should they write the constitution for me. Why do not I (that is to say thru the guy or the lady whom I voted for to represent me in the parliament) write the constitution myself.

Let us have a fair election that would result in real parliament that can then fix the constituion, remove (and not add) many of the laws we have.

Let us have a parliament that can help us to fix the education, clean the river, move the ministers into to middle of the egyptian deserts. Let us have a parliament that can protect our courts and judges independance.

Heikel said that we do not have politics in the real sense in Egypt. All political parties are useless including MB. This is true but let us have free election. Get people freely electing their representitives into the parliament. Let those members do their best and let the people judge their performance after 4 more years in another free election.

Democratic parliament may not be the ideal system but so far it seems that it is the most practical system to succeed on this planet.

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