Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Egypt and Algeria (Robots only)

Over here in the USA they use this strong emotions associated with sport competition to the better good. When two universities are fighting hard in the football field, they use this to ask the students to fight over who will donate more blood to the hospitals or which univeristy will donate more food for the poor.

So is my Egyptain wish for today:
I wish Ahmed Azz or Nagib will announce that he will donate 3 millions (similar to the prizes to the football team) to the Algerian or the Egyptian university that can make a football team out of robots that can win against the Algerian robotic team.

This way you motivate the universities in the two countries and the whole Egyptian and Algerian people to make hugh progress on science.

If only a rich wise guy in Egypt can read my post. I wish Ya Rab!!

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