Thursday, January 19, 2012

1st Global Day for the Support of the Egyptian Revolution

Here is the ESANA brief - no.7 - 2012-01-19:

1* Global Day for the Support of the Egyptian Revolution on 21st January 2012:

I do not know if you have heard; Egyptians living abroad are organizing marches worldwide in all major cities to show their support to the demands of the Egyptian people that have not been fulfilled until now. The marches will take place at noon on Saturday the 21st of January. We highly recommend that you organize a march on that date & time, as well as, a march/event at your university on the 25th of January.
Please, try to organize marches & events in the city where you live, & try to explain to everyone the cause of the Egyptian people and their continuous struggle for democracy, freedom, basic human rights throughout 2011 against the different forces, & how this was faced with killing, torture, Military trials ... etc.

In order to help you we have designed a website that has many material that you can use in the marches/events.

1- Feel free to send us any material that you or any of our fellow Egyptians at your city designed (posters, banners, flyers, powerpoint presentations ... etc.) so that we can add it to the site.

2- Also, send us the link to the website or the Facebook page talking about the march/event you are organizing at your city, so that other Egyptians living in the same city can easily know about it & join you.

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