Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mission Complete :)

When I started blogging few years ago, Egypt was living its darkest days. I deep inside was not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but still I thought I should do something to change the reality. Those words:

سوف يجئ يوم نجلس فيه لنقص ونروى ماذا فعل كل منا في موقعه ... وكيف حمل كل منا أمانته وأدى دوره، كيف خرج الأبطال من هذا الشعب وهذه الأمة في فترة حالكة ساد فيها الظلام، ليحملوا مشاعل النور وليضيئوا الطريق حتى تستطيع أمتهم أن تعبر الجسر ما بين اليأس والرجاء

spoken by Sadat (and written by Ahmed Bahaa Eldeen, I think!?) was added to my blog when I really did not see any hope but still I thought I should do what I can, I should write at least few words online to expose the corrupted political system we in Egypt were living in. According to Islam, those who dares to say the truth to an unjust ruler are held at a very high rank at the end of life.

At any rate, I am very proud that I wrote few words, no matter how few people read them. I was very proud that I sided with Jan25 revolution before it started on Jan25. I saw the hope it represented and I acted on it.

Today after the first stage of election was successful, I feel the mission of this blog is almost complete. No matter who wins in the election and whether they are good or bad, whether *they* will save Egypt or make it worse, in reality we fixed the system! We have free elections! With free elections the system is capable of changing! This is all you need to get your country problems fixed. Change is capable of removing the bad guys (no matter who they are).

Of course the army did not remove his hand completely from our political system and the days may still have surprises for us but we have free elections! None will take this away from us, ever!

Those elected represent us! (no matter how stupid or smart we are) and *they* will be able to act for *our* interests. Still lots of work, education, and problem solving skills are needed! but we did it! We have free elections!

Congratulations to all political activists! Congratulations to me! I did it :) (kidding!) Well, no, I really did part of it. Even if this part is only femto% (sorry Dr. Zewill).

Good job man :)

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