Thursday, January 6, 2011

Egypt: Christians and Muslims

In my mother family the Christian neighbours were very close. The two families used to go to the Mediterranean in the summer at the same time, renting two houses opposing to each other to that they become neighbours in the summer as they are neighbours all year.

Till this day, my mother and my aunt do not buy any gold except from the christian jeweler who was their neighbour when they were kids.

My closest friend is Christian Egyptian.

I do not accept that there are divisions between Christian and Muslim Egyptians. Yes, there are those on both sides that are blinded by their ignorance and stupidity that they think their neighbours are their enemies. That has never been true! and still it is not true.

Any problem we are seeing now is the result of the poor management on both sides. With all my respect to Pope Shonoda III (I really liked many of his earlier positions) he is 87 years old (is this correct). Hosni Mubarak is also old. How could two men in that old age still have the sharp mind and the ability to lead their people.

Egypt needs fresh blood in its leadership. This reminds me of the Soviet Union on its last years when all those who led were very old that they spent many time in hospitals.

Pope Shonoda III and President Mubarak: Thank you very much for all you did. Time to rest and transfer your power to some one younger.... Please Please Retire!!! and save Egypt all the trouble we are seeing.

I wish they both retire this year.

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