Thursday, September 16, 2010

elections: In or out?

I heard Ayman Nour deciding to side with ElBaradie and Boycott the elections Stating that He and his followers respected the experience of ElBaradie in this area and respected his decision to boycott the elections.

Over here in USA the media has been critizing Elbaradie for that decision thinking it will weaken an already weak opposition in Egypt.

In my mind the real road to political reform depends on the people asking for their rights. If all Egyptians are educated and know their rights in having clean transparent government the NDP will be out overnight and many of its leaders will be in courts defending their records.

The problem is the 30% (not sure) of Egyptians do not even read, let alone understand their rights.

Boycotting the election would be really effective if the NDP actually care about its image infront of the Egyptians or if the world really care about Egypt internal politics. I think both conditions are not satisfied (in Mathematical terms). The NDP does not care about its iamge because it is already black and because the 30% who do not read and may another 30% that read but do not understand are not interested in this image. The other factor (international community) is also not effective. East Europe was even more important to the West and still East Europe was not politically reformed untill its own people asked for their rights. I think the west in general care about political reform in Egypt but not on the expense of their interest (Oil + Isreal's future). So I do not think the west would for example put sanctions in case the NDP run alone and won all seats (in worst case scenario).

So, basically what I am saying is that running and winning a fake election (with 88 seats handed over to various "oposition" parties) would not hurt the NDP grip on power that much.

On the other hand the reform can not be brought by 1 or even 5 million well educated bright Egyptians who signed on; I am one of them :). I know that one of them alone was enough to ruin the false contract between Talat Mostapha group and Ministry of Housing. Impressive as this was, one still needs the majority (+50%) of Egyptians to reach this level of education to get a real reform.

This will happen slowly (ElBaradie said that himself) and it is silly to expect this happening overnight.

Kafia fought hard to get us the right to demonstrate in the street. It will take more years to get us the right of clean and transparent election.

Again the NDP would not care or be hurt (seriously) if they "win" all the seats, considering how horrible are the political systems around us in this region.

So my wish for today: All the educated honest Egyptians would run in the coming election and
-Do their best to win (even if it is impossible in some areas).
-Do their best to win lawsuits against the government to have each of the 7 demands of Taghyeer.
-Bring Cameras and cell phone to the election to show the world how the election is being run and how fake the results will be (as we all expect).

Why doing all this? Because we (the Egyptians) win more this way! Because we have to fight for our rights, they will never be handed over to us! Never!!

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