Thursday, August 5, 2010

أطفال ألمانيا يبنون أطول سفينة في العالم من مكعبات الليجو

You can read the story at almesryoon webpage. Also here in the USA there is huge interest in using LEGO to excite the kids about science and technology. You can see it at USFIRST webpage. My wish for today is that some nice rich person in the Egypt decide to put his/her money into something similar.

I know there are kids on the streets of Egypt without food or shelter and some would say taking care of them first is more important than "exciting" Egyptian kids about science and technology .... but I say all those things are important. Yes, we should not leave a single child on the street ... but also we should get some of the brightest students in Egypt and educate them at the highest level possible.

I remember when someone did really well in the adadia exams, a letter from the minister of education would offer to put him for the three years of secondary education in a dakhli school for "outstanding" students and that the minister will pay for all the expenses. Such programs should be expanded to adadi and even elementry schools (without the dakhli part) in every city in Egypt.

Yes, we should take care of all our schools but ... more important, we should have a distinguished school in every city in Egypt. Those kids will be the people that will build Egypt once the NDP is out of the picture (after 20 years???).

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