Friday, December 4, 2009

د‏.‏ عبدالمنعم سعيد

Today in Al-Ahram I read the article by Dr. Said critizing El-Bradie for demanding the new election in Egypt to conducted according to international standards and at the sametime demanding that it is done under the court supervision.

Well, ... I think Dr. Said is mistaken. You can see through out the article that he has personel attack on El-Bardie trying to paint the picture that El-Bradie was not performing good enough in his position at UN (he already got Noble prize for what he did !!!) You can also notice Dr. Said is also insulting Amr Mousa implicitly while talking about El-Bardie.

I think all this because the National Party is scared from Mousa and El-Bardie. I am very excited by their fear. I think we will soon see a change in Egypt and the National Party days will be over.

Whether it is Mousa or El-Bardie ... I do not know. But diffinitely Egypt deserves better than the National party. I hope that day would come soon!

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