Sunday, March 15, 2009

it takes a genius to keep Egypt poor

I heard a lecture about how "it takes a genius to keep India Poor." The speaker was saying how India will naturally become super rich, super powerful in the near future because it has all the resources and the means to go that way.

I though about my beloved country; Egypt, and I think the same applies to Egypt.

We are almost 80 million Egyptians. Even if there are only 1% of us who are honest, just, smart, and hardworking then those almost 1 million super Egyptians will change our future to the better. We do not need all our Egyptian scientists to be Ahmed Zweil, only 100 Zweils in Egypt are enough, each in his/her field. We do not need all singers in Egypt to be like Om Kalthoum. If we have Ali Elhagger and Mounier then this is enough for now. We do not need every Egyptian to be perfect; only 1% should take care of us.

I think there is no way Egypt will remain poor/weak/corrupt for long. Change is coming to an Egyptian near you!

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